Help us create ambassadors of planet earth

The overview effect

The SPACEBUZZ educational program is inspired by the ‘overview effect’, a major shift in perspective that - until recently - only astronauts in space were able to experience.

The Experience

By putting the world’s children in the footsteps of these astronauts as part of a revolutionary educational program, SPACEBUZZ recreates the ‘overview effect’ in a VR experience in a real rocket.


Join us in on-boarding ambassadors of planet Earth.

  • Dutch
    Technology Week


    May 20-25

  • 50 years of
    moon landing


    July 21

  • ASE

    1 Johnson Space Center,
    Rocketpark Houston

    Oct 15-19

  • IAC

    Walter E Washington Convention Center, DC

    Oct 21-25


Ambassadors of planet earth

Our ultimate mission is to create a new generation of ambassadors of Planet Earth – children with a new way of thinking to protect our ‘pale blue dot’ – using the most advanced immersive technology available to travel to space together.

Ambassadors of planet earth

Help fund our mission

In October 2019 SPACEBUZZ will be launched internationally against the backdrop of the famous rocket park at Johnson Space Center in Houston. Here, 125 international astronauts will attend the yearly conference of the Association of Space Explorers ASE to both celebrate the historical first landing on the Moon 50 years ago and speak about the future in space.

Our ambition is to fly high and therefore SPACEBUZZ needs funding to roll out the program across the globe, starting next year in at least five countries, with an ambition to finally reach out to all the continents. This is indeed a monumental task. With your help, we aim to raise at least 2.5 million EUR in 2019.

How you can support SpaceBuzz

  • Become a mission leader by funding the purchase of a Rocket along with naming and global PR possibilities

  • Become a mission specialist and help to create 80,000 ambassadors of Planet Earth by funding the program for a year

  • Float in weightlessness yourself by having your own unique astronaut experience: a zero G training flight

  • Become an ambassador by giving a few children the possibility to have an experience of a lifetime