SpaceBuzz Washington

After a successful presentation to 125 international astronauts in Houston at the Johnson Space Center during the 32nd Convention of Space Explorers, SpaceBuzz has now arrived in Washington D.C. This week, our revolutionary VR-education program will be introduced to the global space community at the 70th International Astronautical Congress in Washington D.C. We hope to find new, international partners that will help us to bring the SpaceBuzz program to their home countries, in order to inspire millions of children worldwide with the astronaut’s view of our planet. “Coming to Washington D.C. is a huge opportunity for SpaceBuzz,” said Zoran van Gessel, chairman of the Overview Effect Foundation, the non-profit organization behind the program, which is financed entirely through private funding and donations. “With the combination of the global audience, strong astronautical industry, and funding opportunities, we seek to further our ambitions. We look forward to connecting with founders, entrepreneurs, and angels that can help us drive this project forward to create the next generation of ambassadors of planet Earth.”