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Overview effect

From Space, Astronauts see how beautiful our Earth is, but also how vulnerable it is. This unique experience provides a new perspective on our planet. This is the Overview Effect.

On board the SpaceBuzz, children around the world can also get to experience the Overview Effect. They make a life-like journey into Space. A journey that changes their view of our beautiful planet forever.

"From space I saw how beautiful and special the earth is. We humans are all Astronauts of a Spaceship called Earth. We need to take incredible care of our planet"

- Astronaut André Kuipers

The Spacebuzz

The SpaceBuzz is a fifteen meter long rocket-like vehicle equipped with the latest in virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. On board children can experience through an immersive VR experience what it is like to travel to Space and to see the Earth through the eyes of an Astronaut. Our planet is impressive and special – an oasis of Life in a black universe. From the launch to a spectacular landing, a mission in the SpaceBuzz feels like the real thing.

Ambassadors of
Planet Earth

SpaceBuzz is a unique educational programme under the supervision of ‘Mission Control’. This digital learning environment prepares children for their Space mission dealing with important themes of the 21st Century. The SpaceBuzz education programme inspires and motivates a new generation of young people to become ‘Ambassadors of planet Earth’.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the SpaceBuzz programme comprise?

The educational programme has been developed in line with the actual career of a real Astronaut. It comprises three elements that together require an investment in time of about 15 hours:

  1. Pre-flight Astronaut training (approximately 6 hours)
  2. Space travel in virtual reality aboard the SpaceBuzz (approximately 3 hours)
  3. Post-flight lessons about Space, people, nature on Earth, science and technology (approximately 6 hours)

The teacher gives the lessons (missions) with the assistance of an intuitive and attractive digital learning environment (Mission Control). Prior knowledge about Space travel is not required and preparation time is minimal.

A short and concise SpaceBuzz programme manual is available (also as a video). For each lesson the teacher is provided with a short guide and, if relevant, worksheets for the students.

Who is the SpaceBuzz programme aimed towards?

The SpaceBuzz is an educational programme aimed at Group 7 primary school education. An important goal of the SpaceBuzz is to introduce to students the subjects of science and technology in the context of sustainability in a way that is playful and easy to learn, inspiring them to make positive contributions to society as they get older.  Research shows that children in the age group 9-11 years old (Group 7) are the most receptive to these themes.

I am a teacher. How can I arrange for the SpaceBuzz to come to our school?

Schools can express their interest in the SpaceBuzz Foundation educational programme by sending an email to the Overview Effect Foundation at You will receive a confirmation that your email has been received. If the Overview Effect Foundation is able to include your school in the programme, you will receive a further confirmation message. We strive to reach an optimal geographic coverage for all schools.  You will not receive correspondence concerning the selection process.

Currently, just one SpaceBuzz has been built. Therefore, only a limited number of schools can participate in the programme at this time. We would appreciate your understanding on this matter. We will be working hard over the coming years to make the SpaceBuzz programme available to as many schools in the Netherlands and around the world as possible.

How can I/my company support the SpaceBuzz?

The SpaceBuzz is a project of the Overview Effect Foundation. This is a not-for-profit foundation. It has an ANBI status. Money and resources from sponsors will directly support our mission to allow as many children as possible to experience the Overview Effect. Would you like to contribute? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to give you further information about our mission!

What is André Kuipers’s opinion of the SpaceBuzz?

Astronaut André Kuipers is Ambassador for the SpaceBuzz programme. He was closely involved in the realization of the programme and enthusiastically talks about it wherever he goes around the world. When André experienced the SpaceBuzz himself for the first time, his reaction was “Fantastic! It was just as if I was back in Space again!”

About us

The SpaceBuzz was conceived and developed by a team of enthusiastic professionals: dreamers, thinkers, designers, doers and the daredevils. First you need the dreamers: people who come up with an idea. Then the thinkers – the people who further develop the plans. The doers ensure that it gets off the ground in reality. And the daredevils? They invest their resources because they believe in the future.

Our dreamers, thinkers, doers and daredevils are (in no particular order): Zoran van Gessel, André Kuipers, Hidde Hoogcarspel, Janine Geijssen, Debbie Schouten, Helen Kuipers, Bas Beerens, Sander Koenen, Oscar Snijders, Peter van Kranenburg, Victor Knaap and Jauko Hartveldt.

Friends of SpaceBuzz

Overview effect foundation

SpaceBuzz is a project of the Overview Effect Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation. The Overview Effect Foundation aims to inspire children worldwide with the Overview Effect, to give them a different perspective of the Earth and to motivate them to become ‘Ambassadors of planet Earth’.