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Educational program

Virtual reality

SpaceBuzz is an educational program for students at the age of 9 to 12 and is based on an astronaut's mission training. Students are prepared as a crew in the classroom for their space journey, gradually discovering space, Earth, nature, and technology. Once this training is successfully completed, the SpaceBuzz comes to the school. SpaceBuzz is a rocket vehicle over fifteen meters long, equipped with the latest Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

Onboard, students travel with Commander André Kuipers to space. There, they experience the overview effect through the eyes of an astronaut. They see Earth as a blue oasis of life in a black, inhospitable universe. From launch to the spectacular landing, the mission with SpaceBuzz feels lifelike.


STEAM method


Back on Earth, students work on lessons in which they reflect on their experiences based on the themes of STEAM, space travel, and planet Earth. Finally, the students (or newly minted 'ambassadors of planet Earth') organize a press conference for fellow students, parents, and local media where they, just like real astronauts, share their experiences and plans.

The lessons align with core objectives in Nature & Technology, People & Society, and Space. In addition, the program also fosters the development of 21st-century skills. The lessons are designed to be very practical for teachers, including a manual and materials for students. Furthermore, all lessons are supported by an accessible and attractively designed digital learning environment: the 'mission control center.'

scientific research

Since 2019, ongoing scientific research has been conducted on the program under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Max Louwerse, Professor of Cognitive Psychology & Artificial Intelligence at Tilburg University.

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