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Meet Team Spacebuzz

The Mission Team

The SpaceBuzz education programme is a testament to the collective minds of a diverse team comprising education experts, virtual reality (VR) specialists, accomplished scientists, and astronauts. This dynamic group came together with a shared vision of making space education accessible, engaging, and inspiring for the younger generation. Our team has meticulously combined their extensive knowledge and unique insights to craft an experience that takes children on a virtual journey through the cosmos.

With a strong foundation in educational principles, immersive technology, scientific accuracy, and real-life astronaut experiences, the SpaceBuzz programme is truly a pioneering initiative in the world of learning.

Team SpaceBuzz

André and Helen Kuipers - ambassadors and co-founders
Janine Geysen - Director of SpaceBuzz Foundation
Debbie Schouten - Head of Partnerships
Matthijs Leendertse - Head of Education

Michiel Verhaagen - Head of Growth
Rieteke Roelofs - Business Development

SpaceBuzz Foundation Board

Zoran van Gessel
Oscar Snijders
Peter van Kranenburg

Research Team Tilburg University

Prof. Dr. Max Louwerse - Professor of Cognitive Psychology & Artificial Intelligence
Maarten Horden - Managing Director of DAF Technology Lab
Anna van Limpt - Broers, - PhD Researcher

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