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Become a friend

We offer you a unique opportunity to join us on our stellar journey to inspire the next generation of Earth ambassadors. We've crafted three distinct sponsorship packages – Friends of SpaceBuzz, Corporate Events & Engagement, and Funds & Subsidies – each tailored to suit different levels of engagement and ways of contributing.

As you explore these packages, you'll see how each one gives you the power to make a substantial difference in children's education, in a way that resonates with your values, company objecrtives and vision. Whether it's adopting a school, supporting the financing of an innovative educational rocket, or contributing to our engaging events, your contribution plays a crucial role in moulding a brighter and more sustainable future.

Feel free to click on any of the packages below, each meticulously designed to provide a range of benefits that align with your desire to make a real difference. These packages are your gateway to a deeper understanding of how your contribution can profoundly impact the education and inspiration of the next generation.

Seize this opportunity to become an integral part of the SpaceBuzz mission, to intertwine your story with ours. Together, we have the potential to ignite a spark of curiosity and wonder in children, inspiring them to reach for the stars while fostering a deep-rooted appreciation and respect for our beautiful planet Earth.

Our Packages

Friends of SpaceBuzz

Become a friend of SpaceBuzz and empower a generation of Earth ambassadors through our space education programme.

Corporate Engagement

Strengthen your corporate responsibility and engage with a cause that inspires innovation and sustainability - join us at SpaceBuzz today.

Funds & Subsidies

Allocate your funds to make a lasting impact on education and sustainability - support SpaceBuzz and shape the future.