About us

The SpaceBuzz was conceived and developed by a team of enthusiastic professionals: dreamers, thinkers, designers, doers and the daredevils. First you need the dreamers: people who come up with an idea. Then the thinkers – the people who further develop the plans. The doers ensure that it gets off the ground in reality. And the daredevils? They invest their resources because they believe in the future.

Our dreamers, thinkers, doers and daredevils are (in no particular order): Zoran van Gessel, André Kuipers, Hidde Hoogcarspel, Janine Geijsen, Debbie Schouten, Helen Kuipers, Sander Koenen, Oscar Snijders, Peter van Kranenburg, Victor Knaap and Jauko Hartveldt.

SpaceBuzz is inspired by the Overview Effect, the term is created by Frank White in 1987.